Tecnologie Avanzate s.r.l. uses a variety of fabrication technologies for the production of composite parts.

The manufacturing technologies vary according to the shape, size and properties required of the finished part. Depending on the characteristics that you want to obtain from a composite element, the need or not to reproduce the same or a mass production.

The production processes most often adopted by T.A. are:

  • thermosetting according to forming and curing in autoclave;
  • Moulding process in press starting from pre-consolidated (Thermoplastic)
    filament winding;
  • Among the technologies for the production of composites, the thermosetting one according to forming and curing in autolave is certainly the most requested by the customers of our company.


This production process is characterized by a deposition of the pre-pregs on a suitable mould which gives it the desired shape following a polymerization process.

For all forming technologies it is possible to divide the production cycle essentially into XX :

  • Pre-preg cutting
  • Lamination (Lay-Up)
  • Forming (HDF)
  • Polymerization (Cure in autoclave)
  • Non-destructive testing with ultrasonic inspection (NDI)
  • Numerical Control (CNC)
  • Machining
  • Finishing and Insertion
  • Assembly
  • Dimensional inspection



Tecnologie Avanzate S.r.l.

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