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Composite Products

Prodotti in compositoIn appropriate facilities with controlled environment (Clean Room) qualified and diversified per customer, we produce up-layered prepregs.
Ours is a manufacturing activity for the production of parts with high technological content, in particular the production of special and sandwich structures with honeycomb core of aluminum or Nomex and leather in carbon, titanium or Kevlar or hybrid structures in aluminum and fiber glass or, still, laminated carbon fiber with epoxy resin.

These products are used as structural parts for applications in aircraft transport and non-structural internal for embellishment (Liners).
The processing of lamination is performed on the mold until the reaching  of predetermined layers; depending on the number of fiber sheets superimposed will be obtained composite materials with high resistance to breakage.

The polymerization cycle produces first a softening on the resin which fills the interstices between the fibers thus eliminating the gaps, thus again increasing the temperature causes hardening of the matrix and the final consolidation of the workpiece. The pressure cycle instead serves to further increase the pressure on the layers of the fiber and the consequent union between fiber and matrix.