Chemical surface treatments

Thanks to the available technologies and to fully automatic machines, we can carry out the chemical surface treatment of Aluminum, Titanium and Steel, both as a finishing treatment and as a surface preparation for bonding. These processes could adapted to the various customers’ needs.



  • allows the metals’ surface treatment for Aluminum, Titanium and Steel, both as a finishing treatment and as a surface preparation for bonding
  • equipped with n. 22 tanks with automatic opening / closing using lids
  • full automated with latest generation control systems
  • tanks are equipped with a temperature indicator and a control system with ± 3 ° C accuracy 
  • a stirring system is installed on each tank
  • the rinsing tanks have nozzles that can guarantee a flow with 0.2-0.4 gal/min per 3 ft tank’s volume
  • The used water has a controlled PH always maintained between 5 and 9
  • Deionized water has a conductivity not higher than 20 μs/cm
  • The rinsing systems which follow the alkaline baths and the acid baths, are separated
  • Some tanks are equipped with a combined immersion/spray system for a better result


Material Treatment DImension
1. Sifting in sulfuric acid and sodium bicarbonate;
2. ANODIZATION sealed and unsealed in chromic acid solution, phosphates, alumina chloride.
3.Hard chromium oxide
1.Pickling in nitric acid-hydrofluoric acid solution;
2.Chemical attack in phosphate-fluoride solution
1.Chemical attack in sulfuric acid solution;
2.Sulfuric acid attack and sodium bicarbonate;
3.Attack nitric acid and hydrofluoric acid;



1.Alcaline Cleaning
2.Drying oven

The area is equipped with the following accessory systems:

  • Laboratory: used for the tests that have to be performed on the tanks (control solutions, ph control etc.) and on the parts;
  • Solvent’s treatment area: intended for solvent cleaning of parts before treatment;
  • Sandblasting: used for “cleaning” dedicated to titanium parts;
  • Painting booth: used or primer paint application

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