CMM Dimensional Controls

CMM Dimensional Controls

The quality control of our products or of products made by our customers, cannot disregard the dimensional controls, that is to verify that the yield of the manufactured product corresponds to the requirements of dimensions, shapes and geometries indicated in the relevant technical drawing.


Tecnologie Avanzate, in addition to boasting a wide and advanced range of dimensional control instrumentation, also has highly specialized technical staff with long experience in the field.


The staff, in addition to carrying out dimensional surveys using the equipment provided, is also able to process and analyze the data collected, providing a 360-degree evaluation.

Tecnologie Avanzate has the following equipment:


Nr. 3 anthropomorphic arms by FARO

No. 1 laser traker by FARO

Nr. 2 DeA Global implants by Hexagon

Plant 1 measures: 900X2000X1000 mm tolerance: 0.000001mm

Plant 2 measures: 1200X4000X1000 mm tolerance: 0.000001mm


In addition to the control of internally produced parts, Tecnologie Avanzate also uses its equipment and the expertise of its staff to provide measurement services and metrological assistance to its customers with on-site interventions.

Manual and automatic UT control (NDI)

Tecnologie Avanzate has several automatic systems to perform non-destructive testing through ultrasonic techniques of any composite component of various geometries, produced both internally and by customers.

Through the use of these plants and highly specialized and certified personnel, it is possible to perform the following checks according to aeronautical standards:

Pulse-echo gluing/porosity control of composite and bonded composite materials
Bonding/porosity control of composite and bonded composite materials using the Transmission technique.

Thanks to the equipment provided, it is possible to inspect parts with maximum dimensions of 9,000×2,400×400.

Moreover, T.A. is also equipped with manual and portable systems to be able to carry out inspections even when off-site.

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